Meet Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve

Me: “Honey, on your way back from Snowbird can you swing by IFA and pick up some weed barrier for the farm?” Tor: “Sure, no prob.” This is what he came home with! They kept us company while we seeded the 2nd sowing of scallions.  Pretty dang snuggly.  But…..these are not mine.  Joint venture between father and son (hence the… Read more →


Thanks to Geary Furin for coming out yesterday and shooting some great winter photos of the farm!  We hope to see him back here this summer for a session. Lots of planning going on right now.  All the seeds are ordered, all the beds are mapped out, just some final tweaking before the snow all melts.  It’s almost time to start… Read more →

January 27th 2014

Just finished sowing salad greens, arugula and spinach in the small hoop house. We’ve had some trouble with the heating in that one this year. Early December the whole thing froze. I’ll be looking forward to some nice greens coming out of their beginning of March. The CSA is filling up fast! If you’d like a membership email me at… Read more →