Spicy Pumpkin Soup with Curry

  There’s nothing like a creamy, comforting soup! But with the addition of fresh pumpkin and flavorful spices it becomes truly special. The deeply nourishing ingredients in this recipe will please your taste buds and body alike. Print Recipe Spicy Pumpkin Soup with Curry Creamy, comforting pumpkin soup Course Soup Prep Time 90 minutes Cook Time 30 minutes Servings people Ingredients… Read more →

Carrot Ginger Soup with Lemon

  Carrot, ginger and lemon are great flavor combinations. These ingredients are also super additions for general health and this recipe is an easy solution for nutrient packed goodness!   Print Recipe Carrot Ginger Soup with Lemon Both a comforting and refreshing, nutrient-rich soup. Course Soup Cook Time 45 minutes Servings Ingredients 1/4 cup Butter 1/2 stick1 1/2 cup Onion… Read more →

Rhubarb Chutney

by Shannon Doleac primalpeak.com     Are you looking for more ways to use your rhubarb? Try this delicious chutney. I love it over pastured chicken or pork!   Print Recipe Rhubarb Chutney Rhubarb relish Course dip, Side Dish Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 35 minutes Servings Ingredients 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar1/4 cup real maple syrup1/4 tsp. coriander1, 3″… Read more →

Rhubarb Fennel Salad

by Shannon Doleac primalpeak.com     Rhubarb is far more versatile than as a pie filling. Try this savory salad with a hint of sweet.   Print Recipe Rhubarb Fennel Salad Salad Course Salad Prep Time 13 minutes Cook Time 7 minutes Servings people Ingredients 3 large rhubarb stalks cut in 3/4″ pieces1/4 cup raw honey4 – 5 cups arugula1… Read more →

Strawberry Rhubarb Recovery Smoothie

by Shannon Doleac primalpeak.com     Refueling after activity is helpful for nutrient absorption, healing and recovery. Here’s a great smoothie that combines healthful carbohydrates and protein to do the trick! This recipe makes enough for one large recovery drink or two snack servings.     Print Recipe Strawberry Rhubarb Recovery Smoothie Tasty, nutrient rich smoothie! Course Drinks, Snack Prep Time… Read more →